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Atelier Altai collects and produces high quality yarn in the complete respect for the environment.

During their frequent trips, Raffaele and Elisa realized that the ancient weaving tradition in the hands of local women was destined to extinction. In order to create a future for this archaic technique, Altai opens in India in 2005 Atelier Altai, engaged in sustainable development. 
Atelier Altai only employs women of legal age and pays salaries that guarantee the local highly specialized labour force a better quality of life.

The Atelier Altai’s looms are the largest in Northern India and our palette includes 50 dyes that can be mixed to produce the entire spectrum of Pantone colours.
We are able to produce and deliver colour, design and yarn samples very quickly.
Each project is unique because every square meter of our bespoke Altai rug is made of 100,000 handcrafted knots. Our knotting technique, double Persian knotting, compared to others, lasts forever.