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The genealogy of the Altai collections goes back to 25 years of research along the nomadic diagonals, together with a precious network of over one hundred well-trained searchers. Throughout three generations of intuitive sharp-eyed connoisseurs, the hungry eye of the Carrieri found timeless pieces, at the roots of the most ancient human creativity. These pieces are necessary for everyday living, yet strongly tied to divinity and the laws of nature that determine the life and survival of nomadic tribes. Shapes, decoration and threads ensure human subsistence and, at the same time, request sacred protection and the goodwill of the gods.

The yield of a rigorous and uncompromising examination, Altai collections are the world’s only – and the last – collections of primitive nomadic rugs. A heritage of huge significance, preserved, protected and made known due to Raffaele and Elisa’s passion.